Home Fitness Equipment For Health & Weight Loss

The purchase of home fitness equipment is one of the most exciting shopping experiences you’ll have. If you’ve got the budget, and the space in your home, you’ll find a large selection of exercise equipment available that will help you to reach your goal of losing weight, or improving your health, or even better, both.

Home Fitness for Weight Loss

When selecting the best home exercise equipment keep your health goals in mind. Building a home gym will take some planning, but just remember that the underlying principle behind a lot of expensive gym equipment is “resistance” training. Whether it’s a $5000 piece of equipment at a health club, or a $10 piece of rubber tubing, you’re basically looking to train with resistance and variety. A better home gym will include a range of resistance-based fitness equipment, such as free weights, punching bags, stairclimbers, best mini exercise bike, and rowing machines, just to give you an idea of what you can buy to equip your gym.

Take a look at one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment – elliptical exerciser. The “elliptical-shaped” stride lets users target specific lower-body muscles (from the ankles to the glutes) and promotes excellent cardio conditioning for the heart. By raising the ramp, users can simulate zero-impact versions of popular exercises such as cross-country skiing, walking, cycling, or stairclimbing. It has both a forward and reverse motion too. But the best advantage to this home fitness trainer is that is simply, smooth, and a whole lot of fun!

Health clubs and gyms are wonderful places — if you can afford the membership fees and there is one near you. But if you have the opportunity to create your own home fitness gym, do it. Even if it’s not fully equipped, you’ll still find that exercising at home, on the best equipment you can afford, is the best way to stay fit and lose weight.

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Best Home Gyms Compared – Structure, Features Make The Machine

Universal machines such as a Smith that incorporate complete workouts for the entire body that include muscle strengthening, toning and stretching are considered some of the better exercises for getting the job done. This is especially so in commercial centers where these machines are in high demand for their versatility, ease of use and the challenge level they offer. But how do you find the best for your home? It’s simple, research and compare. Take a look at the best home gyms compared and you’ll find a few key themes run through most comparisons – construction quality, ease of use, exercises offered and warranties complete the list of priorities for great machines.

As you comparison shop for fitness equipment, the first thing to pay attention to if you’re looking for a complete home gym is the quality of the construction. Space Age design and appearance doesn’t necessarily mean the gym equipment is better. What counts here is being solid – a gym that will truly hold up to the rigors of a serious fitness program. Compare machines for top quality construction materials such as high-grade steel and welded joints. Test drive the machine if at all possible. If a gym seems rickety, it’s not one of the best. If electronics are offered, such as preprogrammed fitness training features, make sure they are of high quality, too. Better home fitness equipment will provide all around quality.

The next thing on your list when comparing the best home gyms is variety of workouts. If a machine only works a few muscle groups, it’s not one of the better ones. The gym should provide easy resistance changes and give the ability to perform a number of different fitness moves. Arms, legs, chest, back and so on should come into play in a complete gym work out. These machines are not just for bulking up the arms – a simple weight bench and best barbell set would do for that. When it comes to resistance, or weight changes, make sure it’s easy to increase or decrease the level of a fitness routine. If it’s not, the machine you’re looking at won’t compare well with the best.

The next and perhaps one of the most important things to consider when comparing home gym reviews are the warranties offered. It’s better to read the find print. Make sure the gym you buy is completely backed by the manufacturer. Gym equipment should be sturdy, safe, offer lots of options and stand up to a serious beating.

Body Solid Home Gyms – Reliable And Effective

Home GymTo many seasoned exercisers, the Body Solid name will be very familiar. It is a favorite in gyms and fitness centers for the best reason – because they are solidly built, reliable, and effective. There really is little more that you could ask for: Body Solid Home Gyms have it all.

Body Solid claims to offer commercial quality in their best home exercise gym, and the reviewers seem to agree with this wholeheartedly. Home gym equipment made by Body Solid comes with the best lifetime in-home warranty on the gym frame, quality padding and seating surfaces, and ergonomic seating, and the exercise equipment is praised for the excellent workmanship that makes them extremely durable. The cables are strong and long lasting, and extremely safe for exercising. Starting at a price from as low as about $700, reviewers consistently state that you get a better deal for your money.

The Body Solid range includes some great choices, including the revolutionary BiAngular home gym, which makes use of a patented technology that simulates the extra movement and balance required when using free weights in the stability and safety of a solidly built home gym. Using free weights requires extra effort – Body Solid claims this difference is as much as 25% – and creates subtle sideways movements that offer a better workout. But heavy dumbbells come with an increased risk of injury, and so the BiAngular reduces this risk by incorporating their weights into a full gym, while maintaining the best benefits of lifting free weights. You won’t get this combination in any other exercise system.

So combining innovation with reliability, Body Solid exercise home gyms provide some of the best workouts. And from as little as $700, they won’t break the bank either.