How To Boost Your IGTV Videos: 6 First-Rate Ways

Instagram TV, which is popularly known as IGTV, was first launched in 2018. It is the new addition of Instagram; it was allowed to create a long-form vertical video in the beginning. People find it hard to use this platform to create traction. But now, IGTV is becoming a favorite feature for marketers, business owners to enhance their business. This is because, according to user preferences and usage, it has undergone lots of modifications. At present, you can spot IGTV icons on the profile page near the feed posts. Using IGTV, users are able to shoot lengthy videos, which helps to attract customer’s attention.  

Suppose you are a starter it’s difficult to get maximum reach and exposure to your IGTV channel right. Here, there are few effective ways to promote your IGTV videos.

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Is IGTV Worth?

The audience preferred IGTV videos because there are no commercials or ads. So, they can watch the videos without any disruption, which is great. Usually, the audience will lose interest owing to a break from ads. The IGTV videos are optimized for mobile users; they don’t need to switch it to a horizontal position. Marketers, business owners can use this stage to promote their business in different perceptions. On top of that, videos are getting more popular; most people like to watch videos via social media. 

Ways To Boost Your IGTV Videos 

Promote Your IGTV Videos 

Cross promoting your IGTV videos is a successful tactic to maximize views. Before posting your IGTV video, you need to share teasers or a sneak peek of that particular video in your storyboard. After you upload your video on IGTV, share a preview in your feed and in your Instagram story. By doing this stuff will help to gain more reach and exposure to your videos. Also, you can increase audience attention; as a result, you can acquire IGTV comments. Don’t forget to share your IGTV videos on multiple media so that you can bring your existing audience.

Turn Off Your Sound 

Most people tend to watch the video without sound. You can use the “sound off” option to turn off your sound. IGTV is like a traditional TV; as soon as you open the video, it starts playing. Imagine if your video has heavy sounds or music, it may irritate or annoy the audience. It is better to mute the sound, or you can choose some mild or pleasant sounds. 

First Few Seconds Are Crucial  

No one will click your video just like that; they must have a valuable reason or some attraction towards it. Ensure your video has a good start; the first impression is the best impression, right. You can include your critical information in the first 15 seconds for your videos; it must pull your audience to watch your rest of the video. 

Stick With Your Brand 

Create a unique style for your content to maintain your brand image or its personality. You can use customized colors, themes, the background to influence your brand. 

Pay Attention To Engaging Events 

You can cover engaging events like social gatherings, industry trade shows, speaking engagements. This kind of content doesn’t need any promotion, because it’s already an interesting one. All you should do is to build such engaging stuff. 

What About Tutorials?

The tutorial form of content is popular and effective in promoting your product or brands. Also, you can get more audience attention. Tutorials content will influence your audience to buy your product. 

Winding Up

IGTV is one of the useful tools that is used for many purposes, according to your business and needs. You can get a large following base. It must be tried out by everyone, to enjoy the benefits of it. I hope that this article will help you to promote your IGTV channel. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.