One of the most downloaded apps in 2019 is TikTok. It has around downloads with 1 billion on the Play Store of Google. Do you want to get popular on the famous app TikTok? Or otherwise, you want to get your profile on TikTok with more followers? If yes, then you found the article which is right for you; in this article, I will discuss all of these things. Here I will discuss tips that will make you famous on TikTok. The following agenda points make you get more likes and views on your videos on TikTok. These points are the exposure process completely. Here are the five points that let your videos compiling more:

  • At your videos, add hashtags: for getting more exposure and more views, add tags that are trending.
  • Attractive look: looking attractive will get your videos more likes, whoever you are. More likes for your videos on TikTok means more views for your TikTok videos.
  • While creating videos takes time: it takes a little more time to create the videos with the best content, select the best video one by taking multiple shots.
  • You can also share the videos of TikTok on the other social media networks. One billion users are on TikTok and celebrities are like to receive TikTok views ; there are high chances that the other creators or users will land on your TikTok page.
  • Pick up a niche for sticking with it. You cannot do anything very good will be to stick with the content and make the TikTok videos that are related to that content.


This is the part that makes people more different from others—personality matters for it. The more attractive and hotter you look like, the huge people intend to share your videos with other social media channels and to their friends and watch your video content. Your TikTok video will get more attractive and looking good with more perfection by more you are spending time making the short TikTok video or Musically. So that people will share the video and like the video so that people can follow you easily. 


Tags are very important for your videos on TikTok; here are some of the most important reasons why you should use hashtags on your TikTok videos:

  • TikTok video posts are flair by using tags.
  • Can it be easily found by people?
  • In the search bar, it will be easy for people to find the videos.