Instagram is hosting a video platform, IGTV, which is completely made to the video giant in the world, YouTube.  Still, there is an air of mystery that makes some videos grow slowly, and some videos go viral fastly when it comes to Instagram TV. But as marketers continue to content and use the platform, the similar rules that governed YouTube appear to work on Instagram TV. Some web research reveals that IG users are spending 53 minutes per day now consuming content on IG. 

Facebook is the only social media platform where people spend more time, averaging fifty-eight minutes per day. An about equal part of the Generation Z-ers between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four say they would watch their favorite shows via social media networks. Over one-third of both Gen Xers and Millennials between the ages of twenty-five and fifty-four would do the same. And most of the businesses and brands used to receive Instagram TV views. Let us now discuss the basics of IGTV: 


To fit the users’ mobile screen, most of the Instagram TV videos have taken up the vertical sizes, just like IG Stories. So Instagrammers accept this type of dimension and layout from businesses and brands. Videos automatically start to play as soon as users enter the Instagram TV platform. You can only cut the length of the video if it is less than ten minutes, add a sound and add a cover image once you have uploaded the video. So before uploading the videos on the IGTV application, edit your videos. The step is getting the size or frame of our videos, which means using the right dimension for IGTV.

You can post the preview of your IGTV video on the feed. Make sure that the file size of your IGTV video is under 650MB for the videos less than ten minutes, and make sure that the file size of your IGTV video should be a maximum of 3.6 GB for the videos less than sixty minutes. IGTV videos should be in the format “MP4,” or else the video would not be uploaded. Next, the aspect ratio of your IGTV video is 9:16, or the dimension of your IGTV should be 1080 x 1920 pixels, which is the same size as the dimension of your IG story. Buying Instagram TV likes helps to gain more likes and popularity for your videos. If you upload videos on the Instagram TV platform, these dimensions are perfect. But when it comes to the preview of IGTV video on your feed, keep in mind to ensure that the video is cut down to the ratio “4:5”.  


You can upload and access the IGTV videos on the IG platform. If you upload the fifteen minutes video, you can upload it from the Instagram app. But you have to download the IGTV app for uploading the larger videos. To create your Instagram TV channel, begin downloading the application and log in with the credentials of your account so that the application synchronizes with your account, allowing you to upload the videos, watch the IGTV videos instantly, and share your IGTV videos. IGTV is the best platform for marketers.