How To Get More Reach With Instagram Reels

By now, Instagram updated its new features in 2020, which is called “Reels,” and it is the most significant update. Instagram Reels allows creating short form videos up to 15 seconds along with song and effects. The latest feature is so popular among the users today because they love to watch under one minute length videos. Now, Reels’ content appears in profile feed, stories, and explore section on Instagram. So, Marketers can get the target audience’s attention quickly using Instagram Reels.

How To Create Your First Instagram Reel Successfully?

In the following steps, you know how to create, edit and share your Reels video.

Editing Features

Open the Instagram app and then scroll to the camera icon. You will find the Reels option in the camera menu at the bottom and select it.

You will notice four icons for editing features at the left side corner of the screen: Music, speed, effects, and set timer.

Add Music: Select the music icon and choose the song from Instagram’s music library. Decide song’s which parts you want to play along with your Reel.

Adjust Speed: Click the second icon to choose your video speed, whether slow motion or speed up.

AR Filters: The third smiley icon is various filters to enhance your content. Instagram has a lot of filters there. Try to use each filter and choose which is best for your Reels video.

Set Timer: The fourth option is the hand-free function. Before recording the video, you decide your video length and set the length using the timer option. While you start recording, a countdown begins and after you finish your recording, you don’t need to stop your recording.

Implementing these features to use can help you get more engagement for your profile. Basically people on Instagram choose to view reels that are already viral on Instagram. So you must do everything that is required to spike up Instagram reels views and to make your reels more noticeable from the millions of reels posted by others. When this happens, people not only watch your reels but they become your permanent followers on Instagram.


Record & Share Your Video

Hold the center circle tab at the bottom of the screen to start recording your video. Next, using editing features, add music, GIFs, stickers, emojis and effects over the video to make your Reels more attractive to watch. Tap the next arrow, add video related captions and hashtags which implies people find your video to watch. Use a variety of captions, GIFs and call to action to your video. Happy with your video once and hence share your Reels to the audience where you want either explore page or Reels section.

Winding up

Now that you are ready to create your first Instagram Reel. From this article, you know Instagram Reels have many opportunities to expand your business, how to attract the audience through short form videos. So, you get ready to add Instagram Reels marketing strategy for your brand.