Insane Instagram Statistics That Make Your Business Look Smart


Instagram is not exhibiting any sign of slopping down. The famous photos and videos sharing app had now over one billion users. Five hundred million of those are using the app regularly! These are tremendous numbers for a platform that’s simply seven years old. Instagram has turned the place for millennials to release parts of their lives among friends. Outstanding photos, videos, leaving stories, live streaming videos. Everyone makes a beautiful experience for the users. 

Top Instagram Statistics That Every Marketer Should be Understand in 2021:

If you are a marketer in 2021 and are not using or can’t check the perfect chance that Instagram has placed down on us, these Instagram statistics may support it!

We have carefully selected a list of few shocking and eye-grabbing Instagram statistics that will make you rethink how you can think about the platform. Check through these stats one by one, incorporate them, and then decide marketing methods correspondingly. Are you ready? Let’s enter into the stats of Instagram.

Stat 1: Higher Population Rate:

A billion users refer to Instagram as only following its parent company Facebook. With 1.4 billion and YouTube. Anyhow, Instagram is leading to several other social network websites, adding Twitter, which has got 68 million, and Pinterest of 250 million. 

Stat 2: Daily Count of Photo Shares:

Active users are continually producing to the platform as 95 million photos are regularly released on Instagram. Try engaging a community or group.

Stat 3: Effect of Brands on Instagram :

Brands reveal on Instagram every single day during the month. That is why your business needs to maintain generating quality Instagram content consistently and posting schedule time ready for Instagram. 

Stat 4: Audience Check Favorite Brands:

Today, starting from spare parts for automobiles to a t-shirt, audiences began to visit its business profile accounts regularly to know more about the new deals and launch of new products and their services. 

Stat 5: Launch a Business Profile:

Another significant stat why marketers and businesses wish to work on Instagram. As you can gain, your potential audiences are actively participating and checking out for you on Instagram, and if you don’t have a business page now. Then don’t worry, you can start immediately. 

Today 80% of the Instagram audience is here! That means a lot. Utilize the complete chance by changing your account into a business profile. An Instagram business profile lets you include extra contact details like your company name, email ID, contact number, and address that are not available for personal Instagram profiles. 

Do you know? Today more than 200M users check business profiles at least once a day. 

Stat 6: Business On Hashtags & UGC:

Recently, branded hashtags are simple to improve your Instagram performance. You can buy Instagram impressions by motivating your followers to use UGC posts’ user-generated content. 

As the audience, most probably interested in following or even buying products from your business, describes talking brands. Moreover, branded hashtags are ideal marketing methods to use correctly on Instagram. 

Interesting Facts: Seven out of ten hashtags on Instagram depends on brands.

Although Instagram lets the usage of a maximum count of thirty hashtags per post, the magic is that using eleven hashtags is perfect. Based on the report, use at least ten to fifteen hashtags to let your Instagram identified from a different subject niche, which finally takes to more brand exposure and makes brand awareness. 

Stat 7: Instagram Likes:

The like option clicked around 4.2 billion times every day. It reveals that Instagram’s group or community is not there. To use content yet to engage silently consistently.

Stat 8: Engagement Factor On Instagram:

Instagram profiles seem to have a massive engagement rate for brands and businesses as the video depends on the promotional aspects. 

Interesting Facts: One in four Instagram sponsored ads are video content. 

Instagram’s engagement rate is more significant than Pinterest and 84 times higher than that of Twitter. Also, Instagram’s brand’s gains engagement rate ten times more than they looked on Facebook.