Instagram stories Ads provide you with a  new and engaging way to engage with your target market and target customers. To improve your brand and business and raise sales, you should definitely take advantage of story ads because Instagram stories have more than 500M active users. 

Similar to Snapchat, Instagram stories are twenty-four hours of self-destructing photo and video streams. Once you start to watch the stories of people you follow, automatically, the videos play one after another until you decide to wipe out or catch up on all stories. Instagram stories Ads let you put short ads (advertisements) between the stories of users. The advertisements fit well with the story’s format, keeping the flow uninterrupted and the user experience consistent. 

The ad can be composed of either a video up to fifteen seconds long or a photo to various objectives of the business, from brand awareness to the sales of websites. You can easily skip the ads with a tap on the screen like any Instagram story. You will need to make an attention-grabbing and compelling advertisement in order to take advantage. 


Follow the below guide to create successful ads on Instagram stories that stand out from your competitors. 


It is very important to catch the attention of the viewers immediately.  So the first thing you need to do is to quickly make a strong impression and use only high-quality video or photo. Buy Instagram story views to get more attention and impression from viewers. If you are going to use the photo for Instagram stories, then ensure that you use a bold and bright photo with simple messaging and clear branding. The users should know how you can quickly help them, what you do and who you are before the ad runs out. 


  • 600 * 1067 pixels is the minimum resolution
  • 1080 * 1920 pixels is the recommended resolution
  • .png and. jpg are the supported image types
  • 30 MB is the maximum size of the file
  • Five seconds is the maximum duration of Instagram stories ads
  • 4:5 to 1:91″ 1 and 9:16 is the aspect ratios


  • The thumbnail images of the video that consists of over 20 percent text may experience reduced delivery.
  • The sound of the video must be optimal
  • The caption of the video is not available
  • The length of the video should be one to sixty seconds
  • 4GB is the maximum size of a video file
  • 9:16 and 16:9 to 4:5, the ratio of videos

The video ads of Instagram story only last up to fifteen seconds, and the photo ads Instagram story only last up to five seconds. Once again, ensure that customers know how you can help them, what you do, and know who they are.  If you are using the video ad, it is more important to keep your audiences interested and entertained so that they watch the ad until the end. These Instagram stories ads provide you a great way to introduce your brand quickly to potential customers.